14th & Old Cheney Intersection Improvement Project

An innovative intersection improvement project at
14th Street, Old Cheney Road, and Warlick Boulevard

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The need for improvement

South Lincoln’s growth has significantly increased traffic flows in the project area.

More development is planned to the south; traffic congestion will only increase if improvements are not made.

Peak traffic flows in the morning and late afternoon must be addressed.

Residents, businesses, and commuters traveling through the project area agree that something must be done.

Download Lincoln’s Growth Map for 2040

Growth tiers with priority areas, as identified by the Lincoln/Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan.

Conflict Point Comparison Chart (Existing Configuration vs. Proposed Configuration)

Safety is a high priority for Lincoln drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

The City of Lincoln is committed to providing safe, convenient, durable, and efficient transportation infrastructure.

As the intersection is now, there are 80 vehicle conflict points, versus the 39 conflict points in the proposed design.

The area can be challenging for bicyclists and pedestrians to navigate efficiently, especially during peak hours.

Traffic congestion, especially during peak hours, is a community issue that needs a long-term solution.

14th & Old Cheney is one of the busiest intersections in Lincoln, handling nearly 38,000 cars per day. By 2045, that number will increase to 59,000 cars per day.

A new intersection design will move the community beyond previous incremental improvements to a long term solution.

Community input played a significant role in the concepts proposed for this intersection.

Level of Service
February 2016 Traffic Counts
14th & Old Cheney 37,260 vehicles per day
16th & Old Cheney 25,800 vehicles per day
Warlick & Old Cheney 20,790 vehicles per day

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