LINCOLN – The City of Lincoln announced today important modifications to the configuration of the 14th & Old Cheney Intersection Improvement Project, which will be a landmark gateway entry into the southwest section of the city. The intersection improvement design includes a first-of-its-kind raised roundabout configuration in the state of Nebraska.

The city and its engineering consultant, Felsburg Holt & Ullevig, carefully reviewed public comments on its conceptual design provided at an open house meeting in June, and evaluated that against a detailed technical intersection operations analysis to further refine the alignment of the unique combined T-intersection and raised roundabout configuration. As a result of this analysis, it was determined to change the configuration of the T-intersection on the lower level that previously connected Warlick Boulevard to the east with Old Cheney Road, to connect Warlick Boulevard directly to the north with 14th Street.

The overall placement of the combined intersection elements was also moved farther north and west within the project area to create several added benefits from this modified alignment.

The benefits of the modified alignment include:

  • Similar roadway alignment to current configuration
  • Less private property needs to be acquired for permanent right-of-way to reduce impact on resident
  • Provides intersection design speeds of 45 mph
  • Improved utility relocation alignments
  • Potential construct-ability improvements

The city intends to hold its next public open house meeting for the project in early 2017.  The public will be able to view a more detailed design of the intersection improvements, including bicycle and pedestrian access and aesthetics of the intersection.