Taking Design to the Next Level

A holistic transportation solution designed to efficiently handle projected traffic growth through the year 2045


Navigating the Intersection

Drivers are encouraged to use 12 priority movements to minimize traffic delays. Click the images below in order to view the individual, corresponding project animations, or download the “Navigating the Intersection” handout.

Southbound 14th St

to Southbound 14th St

to Old Cheney Rd

to Warlick Blvd

Northbound 14th St

to Northbound 14th St

to Old Cheney Rd

no animation available

to Warlick Blvd

Westbound Old Cheney Rd

to Northbound 14th St

to Warlick Blvd

to Southbound 14th St

Northbound Warlick St

to Northbound 14th St

to Old Cheney Rd

to Southbound 14th St

no animation available

Design Overview

The intersection is designed to efficiently handle projected traffic growth through the year 2045.

A Holistic Solution

– Increased capacity will reduce congestion and travel time delays

– Improved bicycle and pedestrian crossings and regional connectivty

– Brings back residential character of Old Cheney Road west of 14th St

– Constructs a total of 7.3 lane-miles of roadway, 7 intersections, 3 bridges, 2 pedestrian under crossings, 8,200 feet of sidewalks, and 4,900 feet of trails

Enhanced Safety

– Safer bicycle and pedestrian crossings

– 55% reduction in vehicle conflict points

– Decreases the potential for fatal/injury crashes

– 40% cost reduction associated with these severe crashes

Extended Design Life

– Designed to operate 15 years past design year of 2040

– Improvements can save over $200 million in user benefits by 2045

– Improvements pay for themselves within 7 years through user benefits

Iconic Community Amenity

– Opportunity to incorporate gateway elements for southwest Lincoln

– Sustainable design using native plants and materials

– Aesthetically pleasing architecture compliments nearby developments

Multi-Modal Transportation

The intersection design includes enhanced bicycle and pedestrian access, as well as improved regional connectivity.